Thursday, 16 July 2009


Amy Winehouse's husband has been granted a divorce on the grounds that she is intolerable to live with.

This points to lots of stuff rotten in the state of Everything. In the first place, I take strong exception to the implication that anybody is less of a picnic to live with than a drug-soupified psycho-thugster such as his imprisonments indicate Mr Fielder-Civil to be. And anyway, how does he even know? Can he even remember that far back, given that he has spent the last year banged up? And even if he can, is it possible that she is more intolerable to live with than the kind of people he must have had to share a cell with in Wormwood Scrubs? People he didn't even choose. The idea that you choose somebody less congenial than cellmates for a soulmate indicates that you are probably too much of an idiot to make a big decision like getting married. Perhaps you need to be stuck in an Institution for your own safety. I doubt anyone would miss ex-Mr-Winehouse.

Another thing that is rather ridiculous is that you can get a divorce just because somebody is intolerable to live with. All people are intolerable to live with in smaller or larger doses, and married people just learn to carve out a niche of insanity so repellent that it serves to throw a cordon sanitaire around their own sanity by keeping out their Significant Other for Significant Tranches of Time. If you can get divorced just because your partner is intolerable a) what is the point in marriage even existing? and b) you shouldn't have done it to yourself or them; clearly you don't understand the rules.

Older married people are saved the necessity of divorce by increasing deafness and absence of mind alone. Until that happy day, surely you are just supposed to put up with the intolerability for the sake of the society?

Now I have to return to "The Woman in White". Laura has been horribly done away with and her former lover has found her ghost at the graveyard. My curiosity must be satisfied. Wilkie Collins would say this is because I am a woman. Because he is a sexist. XXX